theChive expands into bars and restaurants with OOH video product, CHIVE TV

As much as bars would love to show sports all day to help draw and retain customers, there is not always a game on TV. To help fill the void, theChive, the Resignation Media-owned web property geared toward millennial men, has introduced CHIVE TV.

The video network, which for now largely consists of viral videos, is available free to bars and restaurants to stream content via a Roku device. VentureFuel, the digital ad network, is helping to monetize CHIVE TV, enabling advertisers to target down to specific bars.

So far, CHIVE TV is in more than 1,200 bars, and they recently struck a deal with Royal Caribbean to stream content on cruises.

While theChive features some raunchier content, CHIVE TV focuses on humor and is appropriate for all ages. This was important for Royal Caribbean but it may not be as important to bar patrons, which is why CHIVE TV is introducing more channels for customers to choose from.

For more on CHIVE TV and how bars are adapting to changing consumer tastes we spoke with John Resig, co-founder and president of Resignation Media (

Found Remote: What makes CHIVE TV content translate so well to out of home?

John Resig: Usually the simplest ideas are the best. We asked ourselves ‘What are bars playing on TV when they’re not playing sports?’ We already had robust video licensing deals in place for all the best viral content on the internet. Why not repurpose it for an DOOH solution which requires no sound at all, then easily stream it though a Roku stick?’

Honestly, it’s hard to say what translates and what won’t. Short, stackable content did the trick. It’s rather addictive, actually.

FR:Why would bars around the country play CHIVE TV content rather than sports or movies?

Resig: Great question, you must understand that you can’t compete with football if you’re installed in a sports bar, you can only hope the product is so good that they will change the channel back when the game is over, which they are. Also, the more familiar the general public becomes with the platform, the more your audience does your work for you, gently reminding you to put CHIVE TV back on the TV. We’re seeing low attrition rates of CHIVE TV in non-sports bars and acceptable rates in sports bars. 23 per cent of bars keep CHIVE TV looping without ever turning it off.

FR: theChive’s content attracts millennial men, so what does Royal Caribbean – with a much larger demo – stand to gain from this?

Resig: is indeed a male-slanted website, yet what’s exciting about CHIVE TV is that the programming extends our reach in terms of demographics. CHIVE TV is PG, it is made for anyone who likes to laugh, including families. We’ve now created branded channels within CHIVE TV, you can select your brand and we can customize content around the audience. So Royal Caribbean is getting a whimsical, family-friendly experience.

This is what CHIVE TV will look like moving forward, branded channels are how we’re going to spread CHIVE TV. We can also track every single bar which allows us to geo-target ads to specific demographics, even down to the bar, who will eventually be able to upload their own bar branding to a designated TV.

FR: Why is OOH, and DOOH in particular, such a big opportunity for publishers and advertisers?

Resig: DOOH will experience double-digit growth for the next several years and is projected to see ad spend of over $4.47B by 2019, but that’s not what attracted us.

For theCHIVE, it always comes back to knowing our audience. We’ve created a place-based digital OOH network at bars, restaurants, and Point Of Party because we know that’s where our digital audience lives offline; we know this because our we’ve put in eight years of getting to know hundreds of thousands of them (Chivers)—literally, person by person. For theCHIVE, CHIVE TV is a logical next step for our brand and for satisfying our audience.

FR: How do you see bars and restaurants adapting to changing content trends and changing consumer habits?

Resig: I recently read that, American adults now spend 5.5 hours a day viewing video content. Think about that, and think about the type of content that you consume—it’s not just sports. Bars and restaurants that can tap into delivering a variety of interesting content to their customers will, simply put, keep their butts in barstools. This translates to more liquor and food sales.

CHIVE TV is the first to deliver this level of addicting content in a DOOH network, and for our locations, it’s quickly becoming the “it” item to keep their venue one step ahead of the competition. I’m constantly receiving messages like the one I recently received from Jon H of Full House Sportzaria, “Best thing I’ve done in 10 years for the bar.”

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