Limited in their ability to monetize video on Facebook, publishers eye video-licensing opportunities

Don’t throw a basket on the fire

Any video-focused publisher would love to be able to command “Seinfeld” money for several seasons of a video series. But because all of these things are in such an early stage, some publishers are willing to take a lax approach to licensing fees if it means continuing to get their content in front of as many people as possible and building their brand as TV producers.

That’s why some publishers are even going the other way. Chive TV, a silent stream of viral content clips that Resignation Media offers to out-of-home locations, including Royal Caribbean Cruises, Westin Hotels and Dave & Busters, built a footprint of more than 1,400 screens around the world by offering its content for free to start, in some cases even paying to buy Roku sticks it uses to distribute the content.

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